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Downtown Hickory UAC - West Wing


Tuesday, July 11- Monday, September 25th

Exhibit "Second Kiss"

Past Events

Her work was featured at the United Arts Council- West wing,  Downtown Hickory, NC! Her work was on display July- Sept ..Those who saw the event filled out a card with their name and phone number before the August 24th reception at the West Wing  and Susan Williams won the drawing for a painting!  


Some of Bev's most iconic work will be on display for an extended residency at the Trade Alley Arts Gallery in Downtown Hickory, N.C.  



The STUDIO BEV Experience

studiobev art will be on display at this years Highpoint Furniture Market! For more information or to schedule an appointment to see the current portifolio of art contact us at 828-446-6489 or leave contact info on this website.


If you would like to  schedule summer art lessons for your children please contact me here or call the listed here.                                            


Please leave a message and schedule an appointment at Studiobev in downtown Hickory.   7 2nd Avenue NE, Hickory, NC 28601  or 828-446-6489