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Your new piece of art should reflect you, your family, your work, and your life.  Bev hosts you in her studio to help you define what your specific needs are and how she can make it happen.


It's time for Bev to bring your vision to life.  This is not a "cookie cutter" piece.  Bev creates a work of art that fits into and complements the space it will live in.  From rough sketches, color swatches, and even words or phrases, Bev enters the design phase with you in mind.


The paint hits the canvas.  Using brushes, tools, and her trademark, one-of-a-kind interpretive style, she pulls colors from your world and brings them into hers.  Be ready to see this artwork transform your space.


This is where the magic happens.  Your painting will take on new life as it is installed in your space.  One of Bev's favorite moments is when the work is finally brought "home."


the experience